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Amidst the evolving times, Lakeside Brewing Co discovered a universal truth – people craved moments of joy and celebration. Eager to answer this call, we embraced the spirit of adventure and crafted unforgettable experiences for our community.

In the idyllic embrace of Cape Point, the Cape Farmhouse became our canvas of celebration. We transformed it into the vibrant Cape Farmhouse Beer Garden, where laughter and camaraderie filled the air.

As the sun set, our adventure-inspired craft beers flowed freely, becoming the lifeblood of these spirited gatherings. The Cape Farmhouse Beer Garden swiftly earned a reputation as the local watering hole, where friends reunited and new bonds formed.

Adapting to the journey, we recognized the need to evolve further. Drawing on our culinary talent, we created a dining experience like no other. The birth of our extraordinary restaurant at the legendary Cape Farmhouse delighted palates with some of the finest burgers and BBQ in the valley.

Lakeside Brewing Co evolved beyond a brewery – it became a destination where adventure meets exceptional food and unforgettable moments. The story of the Cape Farmhouse Beer Garden speaks of resilience, adaptation, and a commitment to crafting experiences that touch the heart and tantalize the taste buds.

Join us at the Cape Farmhouse Beer Garden – Where Adventure Meets Culinary Delights.

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Cape Farmhouse Beer Garden
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