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Lakeside Brewing Co

783 PALE ALE (12 Cans)

783 PALE ALE (12 Cans)

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A beer that goes down as well as a glorious sunset. 

Refreshing laidback Kommetjie vibes, fruity with a robust but easy-drinking hoppiness, this signature pale ale is best enjoyed with good friends after a great surf. But if your surf didn’t quite deliver the refreshment you were after (it happens) and the friends you’re with aren’t that great (it happens too) this signature pale ale will make up for it all. Best enjoyed from a chair with a view of the sunset. And if a chair isn’t available right now, that’s alright, standing will work too. You’ll want to drink this one over and over, and at any time of day, because it’s always just after surf-o-clock somewhere. If freedom had a flavour, this session’s beer is it.

IBU 25 OG 1045 ABV 5%
Style : 18B. American Pale Ale
Colour : Pale Gold
Hops : Our brewers blend of West Coast American hops

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